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What we do

    • In-house and open access English courses for leaders in business, multi-cultural teams and specialist exam preparation.
    • Bespoke English courses for groups and individuals.

Corporate & Academic

    • Industry specific English courses and exam preparation.

Education & Culture

    • Educational and cross cultural language courses for children and adults.


At the English Teacher we design courses for individuals and international teams. We deliver focused training that meets specific student need in education and employment at all levels.

English is now the global common language for business, education and cross cultural communication. Organisations with multi-lingual teams including healthcare, hospitality, food production, manufacturing and engineering often need industry specific English language training and exam preparation.

In today’s world-wide marketplace, schools and universities are developing their students for English as the lingua franca of corporate culture. We know that effective, accurate and clear communication in English is essential when preparing for the workplace and in daily working life.

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